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Staffing & Leadership


Board of Directors

Dave Robinson - President
Meg Jones Bair - Vice President
Jon Plate - Treasurer
Susan Leathem-Sanning - Secretary
Andrew Dunham
Shannon Hinsa-Leasure
Dr. Jennifer Paisley
Karen Veerhusen-Langerud


Dave Robinson

Board President

"The Grinnell Heritage Center provides so many services. Some tangible; others indirect, but all of which are beneficial to the local community, and by extension nationally – even globally. Looking from a high level, the Center offers solutions for much-needed challenges in mental health, childcare, cultural appreciation, health and wellness, … all linked together through something that we all have a connection to, responsibility for, and can draw inspiration from: our environmental landscape."


Melissa Dunham - Founder and Executive Director

Capital Campaign Committee

Julie Gosselink - Co-Chair
Melissa Dunham - Co-Chair
Doug Cameron
Jon & Susie Duke
Andrew Dunham
Diana Jones
Meg Jones Bair
Steve Langerud
Susan Leathem-Sanning
Bill Menner
Vanessa Preast
Ivy Schuster

Community Volunteers

Charlotte Fairlie

Ashley Schaefer

Lauren Hughes

Liz Rodrigues

Vanessa Preast

Betty Moffett

Judy Hunter

Laura Nelson Lof

Georgeanna Robinson

Susan Ferrari

Thomas Agran

Dr. Jennifer Paisley

Amy Palanjian

Allie Gnade

Janet Carl


Andy & Mel Dunham

Co-Owners, Grinnell Heritage Farm

"Our vision is to share our farmland with the community and increase opportunities for the public to access the natural world."


Julie Gosselink

President & CEO,

Claude W. & Dolly Ahrens Foundation

"The Grinnell Heritage Center will enhance the health and well-being for all ages of community members and their overall quality of life."


Steve Langerud

CEO, Mayflower Homes

"The Grinnell Heritage Center will be a powerful economic development program for Grinnell and Iowa."

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